Teeth Whitening

Whether you want to add a sparkle to your smile for that special occasion or the perfect look for business meetings, Teeth Whitening is simple to do, affordable and safe.
Here at Sedgefield Dental Practice we use Enlighten Teeth Whitening, the only whitening to guarantee results, brightening your smile up to 16 shades lighter.
Advantages of using Enlighten include:
– Quick treatment – minimum of 2 weeks home whitening treatment followed by a 40 minute boost appointment at the surgery.
– Enlighten is not affected by diet or habits such as smoking.
– Teeth sensitivity is very low compared to using other teeth whitening techniques, however, any slight sensitivity is easily managed using the Enlighten de-sensitising toothpaste & buds provided.
– Results last indefinitely with some very simple at home maintenance.

For further information please read Chris’s blog entitled Choose Enlighten Teeth Whitening and take a look at the Enlighten website.

To see examples of dentist Chris’s work click here.

Enlighten Teeth Whitening – Sedgefield Dental Practice Regional Centre of Excellence


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