A survey commissioned by Bupa found looking good was the top priority for brides and grooms on their wedding day. Being centre of attention and smiling for those all-important photos is enough to make many people wonder if their teeth are up to scratch.

Dr Steve Preddy, Clinical Director of Dentistry at Bupa said “Being happy with your appearance is key to feeling confident. It’s now easier and safer than ever to get the smile you’ve always wanted. A smile you want to show off is an accessory that will last a lifetime.”

At Sedgefield Dental Practice, we can help you get your smile in shape for your big day. Here are some of our most-wanted treatments:

Teeth Whitening

How to whiten teeth
Having white teeth for the big day top priority for many brides-to-be with 1 in 4 saying they plan to have teeth whitening as part of their bridal beauty regime. And 1 in 5 grooms-to-be also saying they will have their yellow teeth whitened before the big day too.

We offer Enlighten, which is the only teeth whitening system in the world that guarantees VITA shade B1. It’s a safe and pain-free way to get gleaming white teeth. This treatment will not just benefit you on your wedding day. Results last indefinitely with some very simple at home maintenance.

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It’s surprising how much difference a proper clean can make to the appearance of your teeth. We recommend that anyone preparing for their wedding has a hygiene treatment at our practice in Sedgefield.

Chips or damage
Getting engaged is often the push many of us need to get a nagging tooth problem sorted. Chipped or broken teeth aren’t something any of us wants to see when looking back at our wedding photos. A composite resin build up, veneer or crown can transform a less than perfect tooth. So teeth will look great on the big day and for years to come.

Straightening teeth
Crooked or gappy teeth can really affect a person’s confidence. It used to be only teenagers who wore braces. But advances in dentistry mean that now adults are turning to fast, discreet braces. We offer Quick Straight Teeth at Sedgefield Dental Practice. These braces can align teeth in as little as 4 weeks. Call us for a free, no obligation consultation on 01740 621040.

Replace metal fillings
On such a happy occasion, smiling and laughing is a given. For some people with amalgam fillings, exposing their teeth can be a source of anxiety. Swapping grey, metal fillings for tooth-coloured composite resin is a straightforward process. These “white fillings” not only repair your teeth, but look natural at the same time. No one will ever know you have a filling in your mouth.