Exceeding patient expectations

Our aim is not just to meet your expectations but to EXCEED them, to absolutely delight you, at every point of contact with the practice.

With your fabulous support for our bi annual questionnaire we are able to gain comprehensive insight of your views about our customer service and more.

We are therefore delighted to share with you the results of the survey completed last year.

Patient Survey 2019

We have improved our overall score from the 2017 survey by 2%

To clarify, we ask every question on two levels; one, how satisfied are you and two, how important is it to you. That way we can be sure that we are measuring what you expect of us and are not just complacently looking at a satisfaction score of say 4 out of 5 as being good.

Fabulous comments

We were blown over by the incredible number of highly complementary comments that were made by our patients. Thank you, it means a lot to us.

‘a welcoming service and calm environment and clear patient information’

‘dentist Chris’s whole demeanour is calming yet at the same time no-nonsense which must be reassuring to a nervous patient’’

‘Mr Edmonds fills me with confidence in both himself and his work and I trust his advice’.

What was notable were the number of patients who commented that previously they had been very nervous about attending the dentist but felt so much more at ease at this practice.

We listen to and act on your feedback

However when a patient makes a comment that we can do something about, we do it.

One patient wrote ‘Music in treatment area sometimes intrusive/not to my taste’. So we have now installed the technology in order that patients can chose exactly what type of music they would prefer to listen to when in surgery. So if hard rock is your pleasure or classical, just let us know.

Where we do not meet your expectations

There were only 5 questions, of over 60, where we were considered not to be meeting or exceeding patient expectations. It must be emphasised though that the scores were below achieving patient expectations by a tiny margin and may have been influence by only one respondent.

1. I consider that my confidentiality is fully respected

2. I trust the practice to hold my personal information securely

3. My dentist clearly explains the cost of my treatment

4. My dentist uses quality materials

5. I am confident that the instruments are sterilised

We wish to provide patients with some reassurances about these specific areas:

Confidentiality and security of personal information

This is an area which is of the highest priority for us. We ask that should you ever feel that you wish to have a totally private discussion about your treatment etc, away from the reception desk, please do say so and we will make the necessary arrangements to take you to a totally private area.

We do take all possible steps to protect the information that we hold about you. We operate a high calibre proprietary dental software which encrypts and stores your personal information securely off site. All PCs are password protected and we utilise appropriate, up dated anti-virus software to protect our systems and information stored.

The cost of your treatment

When Chris the dentist is discussing with you with options for any treatment he recommends, he will also, at the same time, provide you with the costs of those options.

Once you have selected the option you wish to proceed with, you will be provided with a printed copy of a treatment plan which will include costs. You can of course change your mind at any time.

We appreciate that sometimes coming to the dentist can be a little daunting and that you may find it difficult to absorb all that is being said at the time. So please, should you have any queries once you have left the treatment room, do feel free to ask another member of the team for further clarification and if necessary, ask Chris the dentist to call you .

Materials used in our treatments

Sedgefield Dental Practice is a fully private practice, so we commit to using tried, tested and very high-quality materials for all restorative treatments (fillings, crowns, bridges, veneers) we carry out.

It is rare for one of our restorations to fail solely because of the material used. When prescribing you a restoration, we will tell you how long it should reasonably survive in your mouth if well cared for.

We are so confident about all the restorations we offer that they come with a promise. Should a restoration fail within a stated period of time, you will be offered a ‘like for like’ restoration at no extra cost to you. Please do feel free to ask us for more information about this.

Sterilisation of Instruments

At Sedgefield Dental Practice we work to the requirements laid down in Government Document HTM 01-05, which lists the procedures for the disinfection and sterilisation of dental instruments.

Notably you will see that our sterilised instruments are presented in sealed bags which will be opened in your presence in the treatment room. We have a blog on our website titled ‘Our Dental Nurses’, https://sedgefielddentalpractice.com/our-dental-nurses/ . This provides further detail as to exactly how we process the instruments & keep the practice clean to minimise the risk of cross-infection.

We would be delighted to show you the facilities in our decontamination room should you wish.

To all of you who completed the survey, Thank You. I hope that the information provided in this blog assures you that we take the results seriously and are dedicated to continually improving our service to you.

It remains a privilege to be trusted to help you with your dental care.

C J Edmonds BDS