Your direct experience of our dental nurses is when they assist dentist Chris throughout all dental procedures. However you may not know that they have an exceptionally responsible position in the practice and we thought that you may wish to know a little more of what they do.

All of the team are qualified and registered with the General Dental Council and have a responsibility for ongoing professional development and training so you can be assured that they are fully up to date with current requirements.

The dental nurses are responsible for the cleanliness of the treatment room, and your safety, comfort and wellbeing during your time at the practice.

Before you are invited into our treatment room our dental nurses will make sure all the surfaces in the treatment room have been disinfected and that the instruments required for your visit have been sterilised according to our infection prevention procedures.

Before the start of any visit to the treatment room our dental nurses will wash/disinfect their hands in front of you & wear a clean pair of gloves before touching any equipment or instruments.  The sterile instrument packages will be opened in front of you so that you can see they have been sterilised and are for your use only.

During your visit we are responsible for ensuring that we update your current medical history and that we record your dental notes accurately on our computer system. Keeping your information bang up to date is absolutely essential to ensure that we provide the best possible treatment to you. However, confidentiality of your patient information is of paramount importance and the whole team are trained to follow a strict code of conduct regarding this.

After every patient the nurses are responsible for the safe disposal of used instruments and materials.

Whilst we wish that we never need to use CPR, every team member is fully trained in CPR and the management of medical emergencies. To be sure you are in safe hands we simulate handling potential medical emergencies in house every 6 months and attend yearly external training.

Our dental nurses are all fully trained in the decontamination and sterilisation of all dental instruments and carry out daily audits on all sterilisation procedures to demonstrate all equipment is functioning well and instruments have been sterilised & stored correctly.  If you would like to know more we would be delighted to arrange a tour of our facility and show you our sterilisation & storage systems. Just ask next time you are in the practice to arrange a suitable time.


Sarah Constantine

Jackie Foster

Lena Hase