What are the benefits of membership at Sedgefield Dental Practice?

We are frequently asked this question by new patients at the practice and some responses to our recent practice survey suggest some of our current patients are not aware about the many advantages of their membership. It seems now might be a good time to remind all our patients of their membership benefits.

Peace of mind that your dental health examination and hygiene treatment appointment fees are included within your monthly or annual fee (the number of visits per year depends on which membership you join).

All same day urgent consultations, temporary treatment and denture repairs carried out at this practice are also included within your monthly or annual fee. Private ‘pay as you go’ patients pay £52 for each of the above.

Access to Chris Edmonds’s personal mobile number so you can contact him when the practice is closed should you require advice in a dental emergency and call-out if necessary.

20% off our treatment fees for Adult & Denture members

50% off our treatment fees for 6-17 & 18-21 year old members


Your membership also features the following:-

Emergency call-out insurance for when you are away, both in this country and abroad.

Insurance to cover dental damage due to external trauma for example following a fall or a blow to the mouth.
Redundancy cover for up to 6 months membership fees.

Ask for a copy of our insurance leaflet for information on insurance excess / limits / terms & conditions / redundancy cover

Should you wish to discuss any of the above, please contact a member of our reception team who will be very happy to help.