Healthy Mouth – Healthier Body?
Or How Dental Floss might save your life

A large part of my role as a 21st century dentist is encouraging and coaching my patients in the removal of plaque, the soft sticky bacterial layer that forms on teeth.

Plaque bacteria produce tooth dissolving acids from dietary sugars resulting in tooth decay. Without bacteria, sugar would not be a problem for our teeth.

Plaque bacterial toxins cause an inflammatory response from the body’s immune system, which can result in the destruction of bone and ligaments which attach adult teeth to the jaws. The teeth become loose and may need removal due to this periodontitis or gum disease.

There are then at least 2 dental health problems that can be minimised by keeping your resolution to use interdental brushes and floss together with toothbrushes to remove 100% of bacteria from 360 degrees around every natural tooth in your head, twice in 24 hours.

It can now also be said that flossing and interdental brushing could be a life saver. Researchers across Europe investigating periodontal or gum disease have agreed that the health (or lack of) of our gums is a significant factor affecting risks of developing cardio-vascular system diseases.

The same group also have evidence that excellent gum health can help reduce the numbers of medications needed to manage diabetes.

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My advice is to keep up your tooth brushing, flossing & interdental brushing resolutions year round.

Please share this blog – you might save someone’s life.

Chris Edmonds BDS