I started offering Enlighten Teeth Whitening 10 years ago.  I am somewhat hard to impress professionally, however I was ‘wowed’ with the results at my first trial use of Enlighten and so was Sarah, one of my dental nurse colleagues who agreed to trial the treatment.

As a clinician, I like a treatment that is simple to carry out, gives excellent results and to be trained well to use it, with support and advice readily available from the manufacturer.

I like the excellent, consistent results Enlighten gives my patients teeth regardless of the age of the patient.  I see my patients through every step of the way during their teeth whitening treatment and make sure that both my patients and I are delighted with the results.

Maintaining newly whitened Enlighten smiles is very simple to do as you only need to use the ‘top up treatment gel’ one night every other month.  Enlighten top up gel is available at my practice for all patients who have completed a course of Enlighten.

While Enlighten is not one of the cheapest teeth whitening systems I am a big believer in that you do get what you pay for.  You will certainly come across other whitening systems offered by the dental profession. My advice is that you do your research before committing to any type of teeth whitening treatment.

If you are looking for a tooth whitening treatment that gives excellent results, has a long track record and is followed up long term, come and see me to be ‘Enlightened’.  Why not join my existing patients aged 18-80 years old who have benefited from Enlighten teeth whitening.  I am sure you will be delighted too!


Chris Edmonds BDS